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Frob is a community of Book lovers!

We are a bunch of curious people who love reading books and having conversations around them! We are on a mission to bring people together to read more, share more and connect more about books! They say “a book is your best friend”! We just want to add, “make more Friends of books at Frob”! 

Frob, derived from ‘Friends of books’ is a social platform for book lovers.
You can be a voracious reader, an occasional reader, an author, a wannabe author, a fiction or non-fiction reader, a kid, a young or an old person, or just about anyone who loves to read, then Frob is the place to be! Connect, learn and share with each other over books at Frob!

At Frob, you can:

Join Frob and enjoy Frobing!

The new fun way of having conversations around Books!